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Movie Star Chuck Norris opines on government taking over God’s role

Faith & Family

“What’s so disheartening about America’s present political environment is that those in Washington are truly convinced that more and bigger government is America’s primary solution for recovery, future growth and security. President Barack Obama even declared early in his presidency that ‘only government’ is our savior. Our Founders had a far better solution than only government. … As proud as they were of their newfound republic, our Founders’ trust and hope was not in government, but in God. For what? For most of the things that people today often look to government to provide: life, liberty, happiness, provision, salvation, decency, civility, morality, honesty, restraint, equity of power and future hope, to name a few. Tragically, in modern times, government has usurped God’s role in our republic and Americans’ lives. … To our Founders, God was the source of our human rights, which put limits on government power. Even more, God was (and should be) the ultimate agent for national sustenance and renewal. That is why we are dreaming if we think we can correct the ills in ourselves, our government or our society without his aid.” –columnist and action star Chuck Norris


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