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Dear Congress, why did YOU opt out of Obamacare?

Let’s see King Obama and his Merry Band of Idiot Progressives having given the middle finger to taxpayers again…they are exempt from participating in Obamacare...I wonder why? Apparently, staffers were threatening to quit if they had to be subjected to the Anointed One’s brilliant plan.

Is anybody else tired of this shite?  It’s not just this and it’s not just Obama (Bush had his moments too…bailing out Wall Street and letting the Little Guy dangle was wrong).  It’s most of Congress that really doesn’t give a damn about anything but getting reelected and that nice fat pension that comes with being in Congress.  Oh plus, whatever one can get from greedy corporate cronies who need a few more favors (click here for David Stockman’s take on the bailouts and crony capitalism).

Years ago, Washington constables had a hard time policing all of the whorehouses all over D.C. so Brigadier General Joseph Hooker zoned them into one area which also had the added benefit of making the walks from Congress shorter.

Congress, The Executive Branch, and The Supreme Court...always needing more power

Congress, The Executive Branch, and The Supreme Court…always needing more power

It appears at some point that Congress was infected with some powerful STD’s from all of that action that caused their minds, souls, and testicles to rot and decay until there’s nothing left but $2,000 Gucci-suited shells of power-hungry royalty…both Dems and Repubs included.  Read this excellent piece entitled “A Superfluous Congress” from Greg Weiner, a teacher of political science at Assumption College and the third comment down from “Scott.”

I have more respect for hookers, prostitutes, ladies of the night, whatever you want to call them than your average Senator or Representative (there’s always exceptions, of course.  See Ron Paul.)

At least, a hooker provides a service in exchange for cash (or a VISA in some cases…but not PayPal…I read this somewhere…really.)  Congress just makes more rules (around 200 bills are approved a year) and all of those agencies full of bureaucrats will need to spruce up on those new regulations (only 3,500 annually) designed to take more of our liberties and rights while giving the Federal government more say in our lives.  And let’s don’t forget Obama’s burning up his pen approving the blatantly unconstitutional Executive Orders that overstep his boundaries.  (Read Tanya Green’s piece, “Executive Orders – A Blueprint for Dictatorship?”)  Will anybody call this follower of Saul Alinsky on the carpet for usurping the powers only delegated to the U.S. Congress?

This has been festering at least back to President Lincoln.  Read some of Thomas DiLorenzo’s books to get the full story.  Here’s an article by DiLorenzo about Lincoln as a dictator.  His books (here’s a list on Amazon) are enlightening and are full of history that I never learned in school.

Where does it end?  With more thousand page bills that have to be passed to know what’s in them as Senator Pelosi believes?  With one-sixth of the economy being totally regulated and controlled by the Federal government in the form of a joke called Obamacare?  With drone strikes that are targeted against American citizens without due process?  For more, read a list of President Obama’s one dozen impeachable offenses that Michael Connelly has posted on Red Flag News.

Go read some unfiltered history and decide for yourself what the past can teach us when government keeps taking more and more from it’s citizens.


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