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Thanks to Cynthia for buying this new poster of the “twin kidneys” on a 1987 BMW 635 CSi

Thanks to Cynthia of the Bluegrass State for stopping by my Zazzle BMW store and buying a poster of the “twin kidneys” grill on a red 1987 BMW 635 Csi.  This beauty has been for sale a few times for around $7,500.  The interior and exterior look top notch but I have no idea about the mechanics.

When I took the photos, the sky was cloudy yet the sun was still peeking through.  I thought that some of the shots turned out fairly well and will work on more items to add to my Zazzle store.

Thanks, John

poster, BMW, grill, "twin kidneys" photo, "BMW 635CSi)

Thanks to Cynthia somewhere in Kentucky for ordering a poster of this photo from Zazzle.

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