iPad + Corvette = Cool


I’ve had some fun with altering some Corvette and Camaro photos that I’ve taken at an Atlanta area dealer and then creating some designs on different items through Zazzle.

Everything Zazzle does is satisfaction guaranteed and I like the quality of their work too.  I thought I would put some designs on the iPad covers.  Please feel free to explore the designs by clicking the graphics below.

If you go about halfway down the product page on Zazzle to the words “Style Option” and under that you’ll see the phrase “Device Type.”  Here is where you can look at how the design looks on various other cases including Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, and Motorola Razr.  (These change periodically based on new products so you’ll have to check for your specific version.)

Thank you for checking these out and please feel free to share or comment.  (Click on graphic to go to the online store.)black_corvette_altered_photo_on_dealers_lot-r2f8bb5599201437d8fa5c7f22510dff4_wsdjx_8byvr_512

Here’s another one that’s a close-up of a Corvette headlight.




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