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Do You Have a Christian “Friend” Like This?

The Incredible Sarihulk - photo by Eneas

Sometimes I wonder why folks insist on being absolutely 100% sure that they’re right concerning God. My wife won’t go to some social events because of certain ladies that like to point out, in a confrontational manner, how WRONG! someone else’s beliefs are regarding Halloween, certain vocabulary words, etc. and how those relate to being a Christian. If I remember, Jesus Christ reserved his harshest rebukes for the hyprocrites and the moneychangers at the temple….not his followers.

Yes, I want to know the absolute truth. Will I know the absolute truth without taking some points of Christianity on faith? Probably not. I still want to determine if the Catholics or the Protestants are most correct. It’s difficult just trying to figure out who’s interpreting the Truth correctly and who’s not. (The main problem here is I’m not sure through the years that the different people who have interpreted the Bible weren’t without their own agendas to promote.)

I believe that there is a God that doesn’t need to be contained in the prettiest building in town with a forty-foot tall steeple. Nature cries out that He’s here and that He’s the author of creativity. We can and should worship God everywhere.

It’s a struggle for me to simplify Christianity. I get caught up in the details too. It seems like loving God through Jesus Christ and loving others are supposed to be the main tenets though. Is this life the testing ground for heaven? There’s so much hurt and pain in the world. Are we as Christians supposed to be showing our love for God and His creation by helping relieve the burdens of others?


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