Do your customers wonder if you’re still alive?

If you would like to remind your customers that you’re still alive in this recession and you have some creative graphic design ideas, cool photos of your business or employees or products, and/or a new logo, try an inexpensive idea:  premium customizable full-size (8.5 in. x 11 in.) notebooks.  It’s easy to do and satisfaction is guaranteed by this family-owned, Georgia printing firm that’s been around since 1961.  Sell them or use them as a beautiful gift to your best clients.  You know that they’ll use the notebooks.  The paper is a heavy #50 weight and the covers are of a thick 12 pt. coated stock.  They’ll reflect well on your firm, organization, school, and, of course, yourself.  Everytime they use it they’ll be tempted to think of you and……..we wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

It’s affordable enough to try several different designs.  Heck, have a little fun and write a personal note on the back in permanent ink that tells your customers how much you value the relationship and the business that they do with you.  So many times, people fail to say thanks much less to write a personal note of appreciation.  Don’t be that person.  If you believe in the 80/20 rule, at least your top 20% of clients should be reminded regularly how important they are to you.  Don’t let them forget you.

My wife got a free item in the mail today from a company promoting its products.  She was thrilled but the package also had a hand-written note thanking her…….for ordering a free item.  Ginger, my green-eyed  lady, lovely lady, couldn’t believe someone would take the trouble to right a note of thanks for a giveaway.  I found it odd too……but refreshing.  We are all somebody else’s customers too; don’t you like to feel like you’re noticed?  I do.  It’s just rare that I feel that way.  It certainly can’t hurt to show your appreciation.  These notebooks will have a lengthy lifespan and, most likely, will be used regularly even without a personal note from you.  With your added touch, it will probably be kept much longer.

Go to and use Promo Code: CONLEY to save 25%.  We ship anywhere the UPS driver can get the big brown trucks.

If you want to design the back cover or the inside covers, contact me at or 678-386-4694.  If you still aren’t sure, tell me where to send a free sample with no obligation except to admire it’s heft and rugged construction.

Check out my LinkedIn profile too if you want to connect that way.  Gwinnett County, Georgia, a part of metro Atlanta, is my home if you would like to meet in person.



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