Are you gonna be naked on Black Friday?

My wife came up with a t-shirt idea (a uniform?) for people who brave the Black Friday crowds to pick up bargains for Christmas gifts.  She tied it in with the evolution of dances that’s been popular from Jimmy Fallon’s show.

In Hour 1, you start out full of energy doing “The Hustle” and by Hour 3 you’re in “The Conga Line” with other shoppers.  By Hour 5, you may want a break since you’re beginning to feel the effects of “The Jitterbug.”  More deals to be had mean “The Pop and Lock” and “The Robot” are in store for Hours 7 and 9, respectively, with a finale that can only be described as “The Victory Dance” since you made it through the maze of the malls and survived, hopefully, with your dignity intact.

Click here (or on the photo) to be taken to the Teespring page to purchase the shirt.  Teespring offers a generous refund and return policy to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.  Read about it here.

black friday tshirts uniforms


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