Tired of dust and allergy problems in Gwinnett and Atlanta?

In the last week, I met a friendly, patient businessman, Camilo Gomez, at his family-owned store in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the county seat for Gwinnett, a huge part of metro Atlanta.  The reason for the visit to his store, Georgia Vacuum, was to check out my Miele (pronunced like “Sheila”) vacuum cleaner.

The Miele that I own is a 75th anniversary model called the Aluminium. It’s basically a S548 with a few upgrades.  I bought it in 2003 because our family has dealt with allergies and it worked like a charm until about a year ago.  Before then, I just changed the filters and bags and that was it.  Mr. Gomez checked it out for free, with no obligation, and gave me an estimate to fix it.

Since, Miele  includes a 7-year warranty on the motor (for residential use) and I’m beginning a new office-cleaning business, I decided not to fix this one for now and consider a newer model.  Camillo gave me a demonstration of a couple of the new Miele models and pointed out the differences between each one and my 2003 model.  He pointed out details that weren’t apparent and was never pushy at all.

If your not familiar with Miele, check them out online.  They make a variety of residential appliances for laundry care, cooking, and cooling…even dishwashers and coffee-brewing. The company also has a line of professional products that is described thusly:

“From products for the scientific community to products for firefighters and horse trainers, from dry cleaners to medical and dental offices, Miele Professional Products deliver professional results.”

Here’s a link to the benefits of clean air in your home and the results of independent tests showing the difference in Miele’s advanced sealed filtration system and other vacuum cleaners.  The conclusions are fascinating and once you discern the technology (and use one for a while) you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of the vacuums.

Here’s another report showing how the Miele’s new bag technology compares to bagless versions.

Call Camilo or go see him and let him explain the Miele that’s best for you.  His number is 770-963-1910, e-mail is mygeorgiavacuum@gmail.com and, no, he didn’t pay me to write this for him.  The product and Mr. Gomez will be able to help you if you have allergies and dust problems in your home or office and want to clean yourself.


P.S. Camilo can also help with a Pro-Team backpack vacuum with a combo HEPA/ULPA filtering system.  These are used in medical clean rooms and even in lead removal.  Read the brochure here.


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