Guilty of sounding like I’m “from South Georgia !!”

My wife reminds me after calling me, and getting my cell phone voice-mail, that I need to change my greeting since I sounded like I had a head cold (which I did when it was recorded). So, I remembered reading how important a marketing tool a voice-mail greeting can be from a online guru I subscribe to. Hence, I made a new recording, spoke a little faster than normal and tried to sound upbeat.

The wife listens to it and opines that I sound too much like I’m from South Georgia. Well, I am. Has she forgotten how my family speaks? I’m not changing it to sound like somebody I’m not. You get what you get and if you want to call and laugh or mock my cadence and drawl, please do so at 678-386-4694. If you want to leave a message to mock me or have me call you back that’s okay too.



About John R. Conley

Family man, music junkie, history, me at 678-386-4694 or

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